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FCA Complaints Data: Advanced analytics (demo)

Course details: Question analysis
79 %
average right first time metric in this course
Question analysis – right first time
All about complaints
Multiple choice question
What's a method of communication that DOESN'T count towards us receiving a complaint?

72 %
Multiple choice question
A complaint is only a complaint if the person who’s complaining is an eligible person to complain. Got that? So, who do you think ISN’T eligible to complain?

36 %
Multiple choice question
It can only be eligible for a complaint if the expression of dissatisfaction is about our product or something we are responsible for. Which of the following is an eligible product for complaint?

95 %
Multiple choice question
Which is NOT an example of material distress?

83 %
Multiple choice question
Identify what ISN'T material inconvenience:

91 %
Multiple choice question
Identify what ISN'T a financial loss:

87 %
Multiple choice question
A customer says to you "I want to complain about the Life Insurance documents you sent me. I wanted them in pink. But it's ok, really, I can live with it." Is this a complaint?

95 %
About Complaints Handling
Multiple choice question
What's not part of the definition of a complaint?

88 %
Multiple choice question
A customer rings up on Thursday 15th September in tears because we haven't sent the travel insurance documents she was expecting from us, and she's flying next day. She's says she had to pay for other insurance instead. It's definitely a complaint, but when do we need to resolve it by, for it to be resolved as an informal complaint?

66 %
Multiple choice question
What does SRC stand for?

100 %
True / False question
True or false? It's ok not to log a complaint on to Respond if you can resolve it by one working day

72 %
Multiple choice question
How long do we have to resolve a formal complaint?

80 %
True / False question
True or false? The FOS stands for the Financial Ombudsman Service

98 %
True / False question
If an expression of dissatisfaction doesn't meet the criteria of a complaint, you must log it on Respond.

88 %
Multiple choice question
What's an informal complaint?

85 %
True / False question
True or false? We send an SRC whenever we have resolved a complaint.

23 %
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